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ACT with Compassion is turning one year old! is one year old and we decided to celebrate by sharing a short guide to the best material for therapists interested in using compassion in their work.

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Every month we post original content including:


Events relating to working with shame, compassion, and self-criticism: 

We scour the web for upcoming events that therapists might be interested in. Our events page lists  training opportunities around the world, including those hosted by us right here at Portland Psychotherapy. See the events page for lists of events by trainers such as Tara Brach, Dennis Tirch, Tim Ambrose, Russell Kolts, Kristin Neff, Paul Gilbert, Daniel Siegel, & our team at ACT With Compassion.  If you know of any events that our community might be interested in hearing about that are not yet up on the page, please let us know by contacting us through Twitter, Facebook, or through this website.

About: ACTwithcompassion is a website for therapists who are interested in bringing more compassion and effectiveness to their work with self-critical and shame prone clients. The website is growing rapidly and we are posting new material to the website on a regular basis. Our aim is to bring together information and people who are interested in studying and developing treatments that have compassion at their heart.  We believe we learn best in community and that compassion and kindness are fundamentally about our connections with others and ourselves. 

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  • Happy birthday to you!
    I hope you might like a recent post at entitled ACT and Self Compassion. It discusses a recent article by Steven Hayes in the Huffington Post, “Is Self Compassion more important than Self Esteem?”
    The actmadelyrical post includes this poem entitled “Words of Loving Kindness”. If you enjoy it please pass it on.


    Inside of us we’re children still, e’en though it’s buried deep,

    For despite all our achievements early memories we keep

    Of the times when we were vulnerable, uncertain and afraid,

    So remember we are children still despite the strides we’ve made.

    And sometimes a something happens that will trigger childish fears,

    Our grown-up mask is slipping as the little child appears

    And it’s time now to be gentle, and some soothing words to find,

    Put our grown-ups to good use and to a little child be kind.

    And so let’s not act all impatient or be critical or cruel

    Turn a talk between a grown-up and a child into a duel,

    But remember little children don’t take kindly to abuse,

    It’s the words of loving kindness that will be of better use.

    And so next time a something happens and we feel the child within

    Is beginning to act childlike let’s set out their trust to win,

    Not by urging them to actions that they can’t for now fulfil,

    But by saying we’ll be there for them and that we always will.

    © Corinne Shields, 2015
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