Homeworks and Handouts for Clients

Below are homeworks for fostering greater self-compassion in people who are experiencing shame and self-criticism. 

I've written out some general guidelines on the use of homework with highly self-critical and shame prone people.

Building awareness of self-criticism as thinking

People who are highly self-critical typically have difficulty seeing their self-evaluations and criticisms as thinking, but instead see themselves as actually “being” what those thoughts say. Initial steps in working with self-criticism and shame typically involve developing awareness of the process of thinking self-critical thoughts, rather than simply “being” a damaged or weak self. Often, this is a big part of the focus in the early stages of therapy. 


Homework exercises from the AWC Blog:

  • Shame Psychoeducation Handout - Clients who are experiencing a high degree of shame can learn about the forms and functions of shame and how their individual shame shows up in their lives. Read the post here.
  • Feeling the Impact of Self-Criticism Handout - Through closely attending to the emotional reaction to self-criticism, people can begin to feel the real impact of this way of relating to oneself.  Read the blog post here.
  • Self-Compassion Daily Rating Scale - Research shows that behaviors that we track are likely to change as a result of self monitoring. This strategy can be used to develop more awareness of self-critical tendencies and foster daily experiences of self-compassion. Read the blog post here.
  • Self-Critic Job Description - This is a defusion exercise for working with clients' relationship to their self-critic. Read the blog post here.

Homework exercises from Kristin Neff:


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