January 2015 Compassion Tool of the Month: Measuring Self-Criticism and Self-Reassurance

Each month we highlight some practical resources for therapists interested in compassion. We don’t go into great depth about what we find, but encourage you to check them out if you think they’re interesting.

This month’s find:

The Forms of Self-Criticising/Attacking & Self-Reassuring Scale (FSCRS, Gilbert, Clarke, Hempel, Miles, & Irons, 2004).

A recent article published in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (2014) established evidence of the three factors measured by the FCSRS across 12 studies using clinical and non-clinical samples.

We have found the FCRSR to be useful at the beginning of treatment to find out whether clients tend to be:

1, Self-doubting

2. Self-hating and/or

3. Self-reassuring

Scores can help to determine whether targeted compassion work is needed to address self-criticism and whether the client already has some ability to be self-reassuring. The measure can also be used throughout treatment to monitor changes in self-criticism.

Download the form here.

You can also access the handout mentioned in this post along with other shame, self-criticism, and compassion measures here.

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