December 2015 Compassion Tool of the Month

Each month we highlight some practical resources for therapists interested in compassion. Our aim here is to provide a brief overview and offer you a few resources where you can find out more information if these ideas are of interest to you.

This Month's Tool: The Berkeley Greater Good Science Center’s Compassion Page

This page is a really neat resource containing lots of stories, research summaries, and science-based strategies for creating a more compassionate self and world. We recommend browsing these posts for topics that are relevant for your client. Another idea in working with clients who are on board with taking committed action toward compassion or self-compassion, is to ask the client to look through the website and come up with a compassion practice based on what looks good to him or her. The page also offers also recommendations for books relevant to compassion, a section on videos relevant to compassion, and a list of events at the Greater Good Science Center.

Here are a few example posts:

This is the most recent post, discussing Brene Brown’s recent book, Rising Strong, as it encourages moving through shame toward compassion.

Another recent post suggests specific methods of creating a more compassionate social media presence

And another post shares 3 ways to bring more kindness into your life through a feeling connected practice, a feeling supported practice, and a compassion meditation. 

And you can even take a compassionate love quiz!

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