Scripts for In-Session Compassion Exercises

Scripts for Building Compassion


Exercises to Help you Prepare fro Session


Lovingkindness Meditation Exercises from the AWC Blog:

  • Lovingkindness for everyone in the room -- In our groups for people who are highly self-critical, we have found that having the group extend wishes of lovingkindness to each group member using personalized lovingkindness phrases can be a powerful connecting experience and can help activate peoples’ social safety systems
  • Lovingkindness Meditation recordings and scripts -- We have created a sequence of Lovingkindness Meditations that you can use with highly self-critical clients, to help them activate their "social safety system"
  • Holding and Being Held with personalized LKM phrase -- This exercise uses the power of perspective taking to help individuals get in contact with their values around how they would want to treat themselves when they suffer, particularly when they suffer with shame and self-criticism
  • Working with Clients to Identify Personalized Lovingkindness Phrases -- We've created a script for a meditation exercise that you can use to guide your clients to identify their own personalized lovingkindness phrases. Developing customized phrases for lovingkindness meditations can be powerful for clients, especially if they are highly critical of themselves.


Perspective Taking Exercises from the AWC Blog:


Other Exercises from the AWC Blog

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