ACT Intensive Six Month Online Training (webinar)

All meetings will be online using a combination of phone conferencing, videoconferencing, and web meeting technologies. The cohort is limited to four professionals to allow adequate time to focus on each person's cases. We will have two to three meetings in November and two in December. These early sessions will be more structured and focus on overcoming common barriers to becoming competent in ACT, particularly in terms of keeping a reliable focus on experiential work. We will then take off 4-5 weeks around the holidays. During this period, therapists will identify clients they will approach to have their sessions recorded. Meetings will restart in mid-January and will focus on case consultation and review of session recordings for the remainder of the course. Weekly meetings will occur through May, 2015. 

For details on the course or to express interest, go to:

November 01, 2014 at 9:00am - May 30, 2015

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