Dixie Stilwell

  • I just realized this is a website for therapist,but I desperately need to read this,I was raised by a narcissist mom and I was the scapegoat and my sisters were her flying monkeys,I just got out of an 8yr relationship with a covert gaslighting narcissist,I live in a very small town with I’ll equipped therapist,of no fault of their own,and was released after maybe 3mo saying I was all better,I don’t know what to do or where to start,I’m moving near Louisville Kentucky next year to be able to have therapy,I buy everything I can about emotional abuse and codependency and complex PTSD,I’m currently reading recovering from gaslighting narcissist abuse and codependency and complex PTSD by Dan Barlow it’s about 600 pages and I read 245 in one day,I felt like her was in my house for that time and wrote that book,it took me a week to get through the 1st chapter,I hope you see this and respond,I’m desperately needing my identity back,I have nobody,I live in a town that I don’t know anyone and I’m estranged from my family because of the 8yrsof isolation,I copied the self enquiry word for word in my notebook so I can have something to hope for I want to do it,but I don’t know how,I just want to go ok again
    [email protected],any insight would be appreciated more than you know,I’m a firm believer in therapy, please help me